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نشريات معتبر سنگ   Tile & Stone Journal

نام مجله: Tile & Stone Journal
  کشور:  انگلیس
  سال انتشار:  2004
  تیراژ: 8600
  ناشر:  Kick-Start Publishing Ltd

  موضوع: پوشش سنگ و سرامیک برای کف و دیوار

  زمان چاپ: ماهنامه
  پست الکترونیک:
  تلفن:   752400 1892 0044
  فکس: 752404 1892 0044

Tile & Stone Journal

Tile & Stone Journal

Tile & Stone Journal (TSJ) is dedicated to providing information, analysis and inspiration to all sectors of the tile and stone industry in the UK and Ireland.

The editorial blend accurately refl ects the diff ering, yet complementary, information needs of retailers, fi xers, distributors, agents, specifi ers and manufacturers. Through the pages of TSJ, readers will be kept up-to-date with global developments in the industry, through company and national profiles, and informed reports from all the world’s major ceramic tiling exhibitors, including Cersaie, Cevisama and Coverings. TSJ is endorsed by The Tile Association and is sent to every TTA member as a benefit of membership.

In 2008, TSJ increased its frequency to 10 issues per annum to better meet the promotional needs of UK and international advertisers, and further improve the currency and reach of the editorial content.
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دفتر مرکزي :
تهران - خيابان ولنجک - کوچه بيستم
گالري سنگ (تهران)
تلفن جهت هماهنگي بازديد از سنگها
معدن سنگ مرمر اصفهان
معدن سنگ تراورتن يزد
کارخانه شماره 1 : تهران - ملارد
کارخانه شماره 2 : البرز - شهرک صنعتي هشتگرد
محبوبترين مطالب
پرفروشترين سنگها
مرمريت ايتاليايي (کروم)
شبکه هاي اجتماغي
کليه حقوق اين وب سايت متعلق به
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